How It Works

On the 1st of every month, you will receive a new Shades Survey with 5 new sunglasses styles to rate and comment on. Take the survey and we'll send your highest rated pair, don't and get the pair that members rated highest. Some like a surprise while others want to know what they're getting. Take your pick!

All shades are shipped on or before the 10th of every month and come insured against loss and damage with our Shades Insurance. As long as your intended gift recipient remains an active member we will send one replacement pair per month as requested in their next shipment. On top of that, on completely random months throughout the year, we will send all active members Bonus Shades!

What's In Each Box

  • NEW SHADES monthly to keep them stylish and grow their collection.
  • SHADES INSURANCE is protection against lost and broken shades.
  • MICROFIBER BAG and cleaning cloth to keep their shades looking fresh.
  • THEME CARD to keep things interesting. Fresh new theme each month.
  • EXTRA GEAR in the box like sunglass cases, lotion, sunscreen and more.
  • CONTEST CARD for a chance to win extra gear with their membership.
  • BONUS SHADESon special occasions (Free) *Random months only*
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