Men's Membership 1 Month Gift

Men's Membership 1 Month Gift

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Your gift recipient receives a 1 Month Gift to Shades Monthly

On the 1st of next month, we'll release the next Men's Shades Survey to your gift recipient. They can take the survey and receive the pair that they rate the highest. If they don't take the survey they'll receive the members highest rated pair. We'll ship their only box on the 10th of next month.

Here is what your intended recipient will find in their box:

  • NEW SHADES to keep them stylish and grow their collection.
  • MICROFIBER BAG and cleaning cloth to keep shades fresh.
  • THEME CARD a funny themed card that changes monthly.
  • EXTRA GEAR in the box like sunglass cases, lotion and more.
  • CONTEST CARD to win extra gear with their membership.
  • BONUS SHADES* on *random months* (No additional charge)


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